Our best arguments can be found on the following pages - a selection of individual

photovoltaic roof systems, which WK Solarpower GmbH has built in recent years.

35423 Lich, Germany


roof type: saddle roof

inst. capacity: 665,25 KWp

47441 Moers, Germany


roof type: saddle roof | flat roof

inst. capacity: 459,19 KWp

47441 Moers, Germany


roof type: saddle roof | flat roof

inst. capacity: 376,00 KWp

45478 Mühlheim a. d. Ruhr, Germany


roof type: flat roof

inst. capacity: 382,95 KWp

64546 Mörfelden, Germany


roof type: flat roof

inst. capacity: 239,80 KWp

88085 Langenargen, Germany


roof type: Flachdach

inst. capacity: 246,79 KWp

52068 Aachen, Germany


roof type: 

flat roof, saddle roof, shed roof

inst. capacity: 164,32 KWp

47059 Duisburg, Germany


roof type: flat roof

inst. capacity: 95,65 KWp

35428 Langgöns, Germany


roof type: flat roof | shed roof

inst. capacity: 125,21 KWp

L-3670 Kayl, Luxembourg 


Dachtyp: flat roof | sloping roof

inst. capacity: 119,07 KWp