Cost reducer solar power

The switch of electricity generation towards renewable electricity production has so far led to a sharp increase in electricity prices. In the future, a further increase in the price of electricity is expected.

This expected price increase consist of a further increase in the Renewable Energy levy, of the costs arising from the turnaround in energy policy for the necessary extension and restruction of the

electricity networks and of the rising costs of network services due to overloaded electrical networks

also arising from the turnaround in energy policy. The costs for the extension and restruction of the electricity networks and for network services lead to higher grid charges. In addition, there will be an increase in the costs of CO2 certificates resulting from the forthcoming reform of the European emissions trading with CO2 certificates.


At the high electricity price and the expected further rise in electricity prices, it is economically viable for a company to produce electricity itself and to buy as little electricity as possible. This is particularly true in view of the continuously falling production costs for solar power. Electricity production costs for solar power of 7.5 ct/kWh and less are already possible


The electricity produced by a photovoltaic system, whether consumed or feed in into a grid, is exempt in Germany from all charges imposed by law and grid charges, except for a 40% share of the Renewable Energy levy be paid.

Safely plan for 20 years and more

With the production of electricity with a photovoltaic system on roof surfaces of industrial buildings or the company's own commercial space, a company can replace a large portion of the electric power purchased by solar power. Its own photovoltaic system supplies solar power for more than 25 years - at a stable price.


Depending on the size of the PV system in conjunction with the PV system's electricity yield profile and the company's load profile, which has installed a PV roof system, up to 95% of the solar power produced by a photovoltaic roof system can be consumed by the company. With an appropriate size of the PV roof system it’s possible to replace up to 90% of the electricity purchased so far by solar power.


The non-self-consumed current portion of the PV system can be fed into the network of the relevant grid operator and sold to a fixed price hedged by the EEG for at least 20 years.


Depending on the size of the PV system, the mix of saved electricity costs by replacing previously bought electricity with solar power from a PV system and the income from the sale of the non-consumed electricity portion reduce the electricity costs of a company significantly.


The potential of electricity cost reduction for customers from WK Solarpower GmbH with PV systems installed on roof surfaces of company buildings is in the range of 5% to 30%.