Photovoltaics against climate change

Even if climate change is queried with an increase in CO2 content in the atmosphere, which is freed by the burning of fossil fuels, a lot of unambiguous indications find out by serious scientists and renowned research institutes can not be denied.


Corporate responsibility does not mean to ignore the risks that climate change entails and following generations would have to bear this. Helping to limit the further increase in the CO2 content in the atmosphere, WK Solarpower GmbH has been active in the photovoltaic market for more than seven years and is building photovoltaic plants on roof surfaces.

Resource-saving installation

Under the guiding principle of CO2 savings, we install PV plants as resource-saving as possible. This also includes ensuring the quality and reliability of the installed systems. Any rework of a PV systems costs additional energy, whose production is almost always associated with CO2 emissions. Our top priority is not only with regard to customer satisfaction by ensuring quality and reliability in rendering our services, but also with the guiding principle of CO2 savings.


Each kWh of electrical energy produced by a PV system installed by us reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 0.683 Kg CO2, compared to a kWh electrical energy produced by fossil fuels. We are continually contributing to the climatic targets defined in the climatic contract of Paris.