Investment with high yield

Interest rates are at a historic low in Germany and are likely to remain at this level for a long time due to the extremely loose monetary policy of the European Central Bank. Money investments as tight money or in federal bonds no longer pay off at this interest rate level.


With foreign government bonds, e.g. Greek, Argentine or Brazilian bonds, high returns can still be achieved, but they are at high risk.


Bonds issued by medium-sized companies also provide investors with above-average interest rates, while at the same time taking full account of the entrepreneurial risk. A large number of insolvencies of issuers who have surpassed the market since the introduction of the market for medium-sized bonds in 2010 speak for themselves.


Due to the sharp rise in property prices over the last 10 years, the purchase of a property can only lead to very moderate returns.

Secured for 20 years and more

A way out of this difficult investment situation in Germany offers among other things the investment in a photovoltaic system installed on roof surfaces of company buildings.


With the operation of a photovoltaic system in Germany, appreciable return can be achieved over a period of 20 years and more by feeding the solar power produced by the plant into the public electricity grid.


The proceeds for the fed solar power are hedged by the Renewable Energy Sources Act for a period of at least 20 years and thus also the return.